Basic Rules

  1. Character & Style
  2. Time left in the match
    This is the time remaining in the round. If time runs out before any combatants’ health is reduced to zero the winner is determined by whoever has more health.
  3. Tension Gauge
    You and your opponent share this gauge. It is primarily filled through Clashes. When the Tension Gauge reaches its maximum value, it increases both players' damage and automatically recharges the Burst Gauge to 100%.
  4. Health Gauge and Vital Chamber
    The purple gauges indicate the characters' remaining health. The first player to reduce their opponent's Health Gauge to zero wins the round. Should time run out, the player with the most health left is the winner.

    Part of the damage a character receives is automatically converted to the red gauge – their Vital Chamber. The Vital Chamber replenishes little by little over time, or when Overdrive is activated.
  5. Burst Gauge
    Several actions, including connecting with attacks and taking damage, will fill your Burst Gauge. The Burst Gauge is an essential part of performing enhanced Special Moves, increasing the power of Overdrive, and more.

    If your Burst Gauge passes 100%, you’ll receive an extra stock so you can continue to fill it. If you’re using Quick Style or Hard Style, your Burst Gauge can be filled up to 200%. If you’re using Omnia Style, this increases to a maximum of 400%.
Please note that there are other parameters, such as Guard Endurance and Stun Level, that do not have corresponding visible gauges.

Game Rules

The player who reduces their opponent’s health to zero within the time limit wins the round. When one player has won a set number of rounds, they’ve won the match.


Move forward
D-Pad/Left Stick →
Move backward
D-Pad/Left Stick ←
D-Pad/Left Stick ↑
D-Pad/Left Stick ↓
Light Attack (L)
X Button
Medium Attack (M)
Y Button
Heavy Attack (H)
B Button
Special Attack (SP)
A Button
Start/Pause Menu
Menu Button

(The directions given below assume the character is facing right.)


Some commands require you to press two attack buttons at the same time.

The following buttons act as shortcuts for these combinations.

L+SP simultaneously
L+M simultaneously
H+SP simultaneously

The game can also be played using a computer keyboard.

Basic Controls

Movement (The directions given below assume the character is facing right.)

Forward Movement
Backward Movement

Dash and Back Step

→→ (Quickly)
Back Step
←← (Quickly)

You can press L, M, or H during a Dash to perform a Dash Attack.

3 Fighting Styles

Quick Style

In addition to allowing a midair double-jump, Quick Style allows for Counter Burst cancels and makes it easier to land speedy combos in general. Its Slip Shifts help you avoid your opponent's attacks. However, its overall offensive and defensive power is lower than other Styles.

When using Quick Style, Overdrive activates Clock Up. This makes you move faster while slowing your opponent down, letting you pummel them at high speeds.

Hard Style

When using Hard Style, you can only perform Heavy combos (pressing HHH) and your movement is slower than other Styles. However, your parameters are higher overall and individual attacks do more damage.

Hard Style allows you to perform a unique attack by pressing ←+M. It also allows you to use Protection to stop your opponent's attacks.

When using Hard Style, Overdrive activates Solid Armor. This makes you less likely to get pushed back by your opponent's attacks.

Omnia Style

Omnia Style lies somewhere between Quick Style and Hard Style, though with its double-jump, it leans slightly closer to Quick Style. Omnia Style doesn't allow you to use Overdrive or Emergency Mode.

Phantom Breaks also cannot be used in Omnia Style. However, Omnia Style is the only Style that lets you perform an All-Range Attack when your Burst Gauge is at 400%.

When using Omnia Style, you can perform LLL, MMM, and HHH combos by simply pressing L repeatedly, like you could in Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds!

Combat Strategy