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Phantom Breaker

Our story unfolds in Japan's capital city, Tokyo...

A mysterious man named Phantom works from the shadows to lure powerful fighters driven by strong desires into perpetual battle against one another. In order to make their wishes come true, these "Duelists" must wield their weapons known as F.A.s (Fu-mension Artifacts) and defeat their opponents. As their intense clashes shake the fabric of space-time itself, questions abound.

What do the Duelists desire?
What is Phantom scheming to achieve through this?
And who will be the last one standing to make their wish come true?

Phantom Breaker: Extra

Six months ago in Tokyo, a mysterious man known only as Phantom appeared, offering to grant the dearest wishes of "Chosen Ones"—Duelists equipped with F.A.s—who fought in and won a tournament to the death. Wielding mystical weapons given to them by Phantom, these fighters clashed with other chosen hopefuls to make their wishes a reality.

Unbeknownst to them, however, Phantom's true purpose in pitting Duelists against each other was not to grant their wishes but to realize his own: the return of his lost powers. To reclaim those powers, he had devised a plan to create cracks in the barriers separating the parallel universes using the energy generated by the intense clashes between F.A.s. Oblivious to Phantom's schemes, the combatants sought each other out and engaged in the deadly game, each battle distorting space-time and bringing Phantom one step closer to his goal.

But on the cusp of his victory, Waka (a member of a demon-slaying family) and Mikoto (a powerful Chosen One) were able to prevent Phantom from fully regaining his strength.

However, the threat still looms. Until Phantom is defeated completely, the fight is not over, and the only one capable of ending him for good is the legendary "Phantom Breaker"...

Phantom Breaker:
Battle grounds

After being granted powerful mystical weapons by the mysterious Phantom, the chosen Duelists fought in ever-escalating battles to try and claim the ultimate prize: a wish granted. Their battles, however, were all a part of Phantom's schemes to create breaches in the barriers between the parallel universes and weaken the seal keeping his powers locked away.

Waka—a member of a demon-slaying family that opposes Phantom—stood against him to thwart his plan, but he escaped to another universe after kidnapping her younger sister, Nagi.

Joined by Mikoto (a powerful Chosen One) and with the help of Itsuki (the Maid of Justice), and Yuzuha (a ninja who escaped Phantom's temptations), they set out together to track down Phantom and rescue Nagi.


Rimi SakihataItsuki KonoWaka KumonMikoto NishinaMaestraArtifactorMInfinityCocoaKurisu MakiseTokiya KanzakiRia TojoFinEndeSophia KarganovaShizuka SaejimaRin & GaitoYuzuha FujibayashiMei OrisakaRen Tatewaki

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Basic Rules

Learn about the basic rules of the 2D fighting game, Phantom Breaker: Omnia.

3 Fighting Styles

Understand the differences between the three different fighting styles: Quick, Hard, and Omnia, which will alter how the characters behave.

Combat Strategy

Explore the unique game mechanics and systems in Phantom Breaker: Omnia and how to apply them in combat.



Phantom Breaker: Omnia

March 15, 2022
PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC/Steam

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