Rimi Sakihata

Japanese VA: Eri Kitamura
English VA: Carrie Savage

"My delusions are

Close-range Rushdown

A 17-year-old guest character from sci-fi adventure visual novel, Chaos;Head. As an Esper, she can conjure whatever she imagines to use in battle.

Although she lost her parents in an accident and has been treated as a test specimen in the past, her bright personality has not diminished in the slightest, nor has her imagination. While she does not possess an F.A., she is a "Gigalomaniac" who has the power to turn her own delusions into reality and wields a DI-Sword. Her DI-Sword can split down the center for dual-wield combat.


→ + Special Attack Delusion of Wings → + Special Attack (EX) Delusion of Giant Wings

→ + Special Attack (Aerial) Delusion of Winged Flight

← + Special Attack Delusion of Flying Feathers ← + Special Attack (EX) Delusion of Flying Feather Flurry

↓ + Special Attack Delusion of a Strong DI-Sword ↓ + Special Attack (EX) Delusion of a Super Strong DI-Sword


Quick Super Attack Those eyes, whose are they?

Hard Super Attack Delusion of Flight and Feather Blitz


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