Rin & Gaito

Rin & Gaito

Japanese VA: Yuka Ōtsubo
English VA: LilyPichu

Japanese VA: Kentarō Itō
English VA: Patrick Seitz

"Gaito and me have gone
this far...
It's too late to go back..."


Close-range Power

A 6-year-old girl and an anti-soul brimming with power. In battle, Rin commands the undead Gaito, and he'll pummel anyone who gets in her way.

After being revived by the Resurrection Jewel, Gaito returned to life but in exchange became wild and destructive. Rin is the only one who can control him, and she fights in Phantom's duels and does his bidding in order to restore her brother to his former self.


→ + Special Attack Kiai Blast → + Special Attack (EX) Super Kiai Blast

← + Special Attack Demon Crush ← + Special Attack (EX) Extreme Demon Crush

↓ + Special Attack Demon Fall ↓ + Special Attack (EX) Extreme Demon Fall


Quick Super Attack Super Total Carnage

Hard Super Attack Super Demon Punch


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