Japanese VA: Ai Matayoshi
English VA: Luci Christian

"Writhe in despair,
you filthy casual!"

Close-range Rushdown

A pampered 16-year-old cosplayer bored with the real world and entranced by the virtual one. Fights with a giant, talon-tipped gauntlet on her right hand called the "Claw of Ksenia."

Growing up the child of executive parents in a high-rise mansion and attending all the best schools made her life free of hardship and challenges, but the perfect doll-like existence she led bored her to tears. Dissatisfied with reality, she got hooked on video games and longed for the world of her favorite game, T:DA, to become real. In order to realize this dream, she modified her body and fights in the duels.


→ + Special Attack Stumpfer Flugel

← + Special Attack Barbarischer Nagel

↓ + Special Attack Kurzes Messer


Quick Super Attack Unendliche Angst

Hard Super Attack Schöne Fledermaus


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