Mei Orisaka

Japanese VA: Yukari Tamura
English VA: Kira Buckland

"I gotta win—for her...!"

Long-range Speed

Your everyday typical girl...aside from the mega-popular TV show magical idol part. Appropriately, her weapon is a magical wand named Candy.

In order to save her family's business from ruin, she reluctantly debuted as an entertainment talent and became a hit almost overnight thanks to a lead role in a midnight drama titled, "My Little Sister is a Magical Girl." As a result of her success, she garnered many fans including one who suffers from a terminal illness. Moved by the girl's circumstances and love of the show, she began to take her role more seriously and wishes for a way to save her.


→ + Special Attack Candy Shot → + Special Attack (EX) Candy Mega Shot

← + Special Attack Magical Grapple

↓ + Special Attack Magical Impact ↓ + Special Attack (EX) Magical Strike


Quick Super Attack Seventh Heaven Shot

Hard Super Attack Magical Smash Arrow


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