Mikoto Nishina

Japanese VA: Nana Mizuki
English VA: Erica Mendez

"I never wanted this power.
Remember that."

Mid-range Standard

A 19-year-old college student and violin virtuoso who wields a large two-handed sword named "Maestro."

After losing both of her parents at a young age, she went to live with a distant uncle who saw her potential for music and taught her the violin while raising her. Her gratitude to him for his dedication, however, turned to regret as he lost his hearing before she could keep her promise to play a concert just for him.


→ + Special Attack Schneidend → + Special Attack (EX) Feurig Schneidend

← + Special Attack Geschwind ← + Special Attack (EX) Geschwind Tobend

↓ + Special Attack Gestrichen ↓ + Special Attack (EX) Scharf Gestrichen


Quick Super Attack Schaurig

Hard Super Attack Grandios


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