Sophia Karganova

Japanese VA: Sumire Uesaka
English VA: Felecia Angelle

"Then I'll defeat you,
and prove my worth!"

Mid-range Standard

A young girl and self-proclaimed "Phantom Breaker" from Russia. Wields an artificial F.A. with a twin-blade design named "Bliznetsy" that was developed at a Russian research facility.

A Duelist unlike any of the other Chosen Ones. Her artificial F.A. is the product of years of her family's research and involvement with Phantom—a pursuit which has placed them in unprecedented peril. She traveled to Japan full of rage towards Phantom with plans to defeat him and end things once and for all. Called Sonya by those close to her.


→ + Special Attack Volna Grom (Thunder Wave) → + Special Attack (EX) Khaotichnyy Grom (Chaotic Thunder)

← + Special Attack Zemlya Obledeneniya (Frozen Land) ← + Special Attack (EX) Zemlya Lavyn (Avalanche Land)

↓ + Special Attack Lezvye Tornado (Blade Tornado) ↓ + Special Attack (EX) Klinok Buri (Storm Blade)


Quick Super Attack Zemletryaseniye (Earthquake)

Hard Super Attack Molniya (Lightning)


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