Shizuka Saejima

Japanese VA: Ayaka Suwa
English VA: Laura Stahl

"Until I slay that evil,
I cannot lose."

Mid-range Standard

A former commander in the Japanese Imperial Navy from a parallel universe who has crossed the divide in pursuit of Phantom. Her weapon is a saber named "Ouka."

In her own universe, Japan has become a militaristic imperial state whose reach has expanded exponentially thanks to Phantom's machinations. She once revered him for the victories he brought to her country, but after witnessing his cruel and unusual methods she began to question her own actions and lead a coup d'etat against him.


→ + Special Attack Hayate

← + Special Attack Crimson ← + Special Attack (EX) Guren

↓ + Special Attack Raining Blossom ↓ + Special Attack (EX) Raining Blossom: Petal Storm


Quick Super Attack Godspeed: Sturm und Drang

Hard Super Attack Divine Wind Blast


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