Kurisu Makise

Japanese VA: Asami Imai
English VA: Trina Nishimura

"I'm a guest,
not a weakling."

Close-range Technical

An 18-year-old guest character from the sci-fi adventure visual novel series, Steins;Gate. A genius researcher, she utilizes strange gadgets when fighting in addition to her kick-based combat style.

An inquisitive girl known as "Assistant" by her peers, she graduated at a young age from an American university and then joined the Akihabara-based Future Gadget Laboratory. While not Duelist, her extensive (and often explosive) variety of gadgets pack quite a punch.


→ + Special Attack Future Gadget #1

→ + Weak + Special Attack Mayuri's Souvenir

← + Special Attack Future Gadget #4

↓ + Special Attack Future Gadget #5


Quick Super Attack FG204

Hard Super Attack Auras are unscientific, so to prove my point, in a nutshell [redacted] (Hard Style Ultimate)


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